Decorative Walltiles

Ideal for enriching and personalizing your own environments.The practical and functional decorative solution for your shower, bedroom wall, kitchen backsplash, barbecue area or swimming pool. Without sacrificing design.


Keradom Group decorative porcelain walltiles are durable, resistant and easy to clean, thanks to the soft surface that does not require special maintenance treatments.Discover the wide range of small-format tiles for wall coverings, a choice that is not only functional, but of real design

Our walltiles

Beauty and Design in every walltile

In addition to the technical characteristics, our porcelain decorative walltiles boast an extraordinarily natural and realistic aesthetic interpretation that makes them replaceable with precious materials – such as wood, stone, marble and metals.Especially the three-dimensional coverings of the brand Walls&More are of great and unique impact , which give movement to the walls and create unique games of light.Functional, modern and versatile, Keradom Group small format tiles can be used for infinite types of wall coverings and decorations, in all residential and commercial spaces.

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