Stone-look porcelain

The beauty and classic feel of natural stone.


Keradom porcelain stoneware is a faithful interpreter of nature, enhancing its performance and functionality, making it a decorative element #foreveryspace and in all environments, from indoor floors to outdoor ceramics.The stone-look porcelain tiles preserves the charm of the natural stones that inspire it and offers the practicality of ceramic tiles.

Our collections

The beauty of stone meets the technical perfection of ceramics

The Keradom stone-effect porcelain stoneware collections reinterpret the beauty of the stones of national excellence – such as the precious Barge or the Quartzites – and the most characteristic stones of international nature – for example the American Slate – enhancing the technical characteristics.The graphic and material textures are rich in realistic details, irregularities and light-dark effects that give a natural and personal touch to the living spaces, inside and outside.

Stone effect stoneware: realism, simplicity and high performance

The technical and aesthetic qualities of stone-effect ceramics complete the rich Keradom catalogue, which makes this material its own workhorse.Realism, essentiality and technical performance are the character of our Stone Effect Stoneware.

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