The choice of floor and wall coverings for outdoor use always requires special attention to the choice of materials. Resistance, hardness, quality over time: Keradom porcelain stoneware presents itself in an elegant and versatile way to your outdoor environments.


Many materials deteriorate over time especially if they are subject to weather conditions: hail, humidity or simply frost and high temperatures.Other materials are very practical but not satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view.Keradom supports the practicality of porcelain stoneware to an aesthetic taste in line with the latest design trends.Our porcelain stoneware collections are ideal for all outdoor spaces that require high technical performance and effective slip resistance (different R11 collections).

Our collections

The wide range meets every need and includes tiles with variable thickness: from decorative coatings that with thickness from 9 to 15 mm on the same piece guarantee the authentic 4d effect , up to 8 and 10 mm thick outdoor floors, designed to be durable, ingelive, non-slip and able to create a perfect aesthetic continuity with the interior spaces. Suitable for outdoor paving of gardens, porches, walkways and terraces.The line of decorative cladding allows you to range into more exclusive decorations such as barbecue floors, pool edges and much more.

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