Design and made in Italy

Keradom proudly defends the prestige of Made in Italy in the world and daily affirms its commitment to create ceramic creations with a high technical-aesthetic value, characterized by the excellence of an advanced and unique design.


Each of the more than 300 items of the KERADOM brands is completely researched, studied and processed within our laboratories in Sassuolo. The constant commitment in pursuing quality and attention to detail that makes us proud heirs of Italian craftsmanship and proud interpreters of MADE IN ITALY, allows us to create original and refined solutions.
KERADOM products are now easily recognized all over the world. On the strength of its consolidated roots in the Italian ceramic hub, the KERADOM Group has established itself primarily in the Italian market, and then laid its foundations in over 100 different countries.
In recent years, thanks to targeted acquisitions and redevelopment of factories, the Group has expanded its production capacity to 4 million square meters per year and solidified its brand.
Today, historical brands in the sector such as MAC3 and SELF STYLE are part of the KERADOM Group.

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