Porcelain stoneware

High techinche performance and a refined aesthetic allow
to obtain with Keradom Porcelain Stoneware, surfaces
of the highest profile in all indoor and outdoor living rooms.

Do it yourself

Do you want to apply your own floor or wall covering in an easy and safe way?
Browse our tips on DIY in terms of installation, cleaning and maintenance, thanks to guides, articles and video tutorials.

With Keradom, everything is simpler. Small sizes and interlocking designed for all installers and DIY.

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Why choose the Gres



Laying and maintenance

It is very important to check the conformity of the product before laying
and follow some suggestions to get the maximum aesthetic effect from our products.

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Gres cleaning

Proper daily cleaning ensures the irreversibility of Gres Keradom over time. Porcelain stoneware is a very simple material to clean and maintain. In fact, few measures are needed to guarantee the right protection and preserve the beauty of the tiles.

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