Porcelain stoneware for your bathroom

The small sizes Keradom are the ideal choice to turn your bathroom into an elegant oasis of well-being. Keradom porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution to combine taste and need within your bathroom.


Apart from its original function of service, the bathroom has increasingly become an environment of relaxation, well-being and body care.The choice of floor and wall tiles for the bathroom is fundamental when you decide to renovate, it is not enough to rely on aesthetic criteria only, but it is essential to know which materials are suitable and for projects dedicated to the bathroom porcelain stoneware reigns supreme.

Our collections

Decorative floor or wall tiles: the ceramic for your bathroom is Keradom

Keradom porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution to support taste and need. Our bathroom collections, as well as being in line with the most modern design and furnishing trends, offer excellent guarantees in terms of wear resistance and ease of cleaning.Unleash your creativity by combining the wide range of colors and sizes Keradom, ensuring your bathroom style, trend and unique features.

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