Why choose porcelain stoneware?

High technical performance and a refined aesthetic allow to obtain with Keradom Porcelain Stoneware, surfaces of the highest profile in all indoor and outdoor rooms.

The advantages of Gres

The ease of installation reduces the time and costs of application, while the easy cleanability facilitates quick interventions in removing stains, dust and dirt in general. There are also many points in favor of Gres, compared to natural materials and resins, cladding and flooring.

Technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware

Is hygienic

It does not retain dirt or bacteria and is odorless.

Is sustainable

It does not release harmful substances into the environment and is easily cleaned with all household cleaning products.

Is durable

Unalterable even with the passage of time. It does not grow old because it is not easily altered and maintained.

Is resistant

It is a strong material and can also be laid outdoors because it does not deform in the sun, does not freeze and resists the most aggressive chemical detergents.

Is fireproof
Is stable

A Gres floor or cladding can be installed in damp environments such as the bathroom and kitchen, in outdoor spaces and in areas subject to heavy loads such as a driveway or a garage.

Destinations of use

All the technical features of Porcelain Stoneware blend perfectly with the Keradom philosophy of furnishing and bringing your own #suognispazio look: not only bathroom and kitchen, but also living room, bedroom and fire place.

All Keradom products are 100% Porcelain Stoneware.

Discover all the destinations of use!