Keradom has obtained the certifications that guarantee
the quality of the products and services provided.
The constant search for quality is for Keradom synonymous with eco-sustainable development, we operate with the utmost professionalism without ever disregarding compliance with current regulations, community and territory


KERADOM products are made with recycled content certified by the Certiquality institute and contribute to the achievement of LEED certification credits.


The CE marking represents a guarantee for the user that the purchased material meets the requirements of current regulations and that these remain substantially unchanged for all production batches. This is a declaration of conformity to protect consumer safety: the presence on the packaging of the CE marking guarantees that the KERADOM product complies with the applicable regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001

Keradom has obtained the ISO 9001 certification which guarantees the quality of the products and services provided starting from the design and development of the product and in all phases of its realization.

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    LEEDCEISO 9001 2008