Little Size. Big Space.

Historic brand protagonist on the skirting board and the small size floor,
Mac3 is part of the Keradom group since 2018 and is presented today
in a totally renewed and contemporary form,
to build refined outdoor environments and natural appearance.

The advantages of small format

MAC3 products are made of small and modular formats, able to enhance your indoor and outdoor environments. The choice of the small size combines functionality and aesthetics, considering the versatility and the different possibilities of installation, making it suitable for environments of any size.

Rectangular formats of different sizes and squares, allow greater freedom to break traditional patterns through modular poses and to mix the sizes of the tiles, ensuring the aesthetic continuity of the spaces.

The brands’ style

Refined surfaces with a distinctive character, inspired by the material and chromatic variability that nature offers, are combined with the versatility of porcelain stoneware on small modular formats, giving life to complementary collections ideal for building refined outdoor environments. A style of natural inspiration with features recognizable in the rich surfaces, between reliefs and veins, and constant material research.
The MAC3 brand develops on multiple textures, combining refined design and aesthetic effect deliberately natural, giving life to perfect combinations of bright colours and shades, to give shape to external floors of great harmony and balance, between tradition and innovation.

The collections of MAC3

MAC3 floors and coatings are expressed through reinterpretations on stoneware of natural materials. From the ancient and timeless charm of the stones, to the warm suggestions of the terracotta, from the elegance of the most elegant marbles, to the sophisticated shades of color, on rough or smooth surfaces with a rich material.

Discover the expressive potential of our porcelain stoneware collections.

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Due to the high aesthetic qualities and technical performance of our Gres, MAC3 is ideal for applications such as outdoor paving and public realizations such as restaurants, offices, shops, but also residential applications with a targeted stylistic content.
Suitable also for more complex uses in urban furniture, such as wellness pools and spas, the MAC3 collections are easy to combine with collections of other Keradom brands.