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Discover the wide range of small sizes porcelain floors and walls tiles. #foreveryspace

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Keradom: small porcelain tiles

A journey into the world of decorative wall covering, ceramic skirting boards and small floor sizes, capable of enhancing any interior and exterior space.

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Why Keradom?

KERADOM is a unique group in the sector of ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles for indoor & outdoor floors and walls. Specialized in small tiles, KERADOM boasts the widest range of decorative wall coverings.

It has consolidated its leadership in the production of outdoor and indoor skirting boards in stoneware and developed the best ceramic floors.

Choosing KERADOM means choosing a partner, a service, a unique and versatile product.

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Discover our collections

Keradom Magazine

Discover our design and décor tips to apply to all residential and commercial spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

KERADOM small-format tiles are intended for universal use and allow you to make the most of large, medium or small spaces.

Choosing Keradom means DECORATE your space. The unique style of the products, attention to detail and continuous research make our porcelain a real piece of furniture, modern and contemporary.

Furniture and design trends 2021: Keradom keeps up with the pace

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Furniture and design trends 2021: Keradom keeps up with the pace

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Stones, wood, cement an harmonious and refined material contrast

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Do It Yourself is easier with Keradom

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Exterior facade, the face of a house that does not give up aesthetics

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