Installation and maintenance

It is very important to check the conformity of the product before laying and following phases. some suggestions to get the maximum aesthetic effect from our products.

How to create the ideal chromatic mix

It is very important that the installer before laying verify the tone, size and choice of the material, while during laying must always take the material from several boxes to obtain an ideal color mix.

In addition, it must check the adequacy of the product and contact its dealer for any type of doubt, before laying, to retain the right to the guarantee, which lapses should the report occur after laying.

Glue and joints

The installer must use suitable glue for the various uses and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packages.

The size of the joint between the tiles can vary depending on the size you use, the angle of the installation in orthogonal or diagonal, and the intended use. We recommend a minimum joint of 2 – 3 mm. for Keradom products both with joint and rectangular edges.

The laying of rectangular formats requires to stagger the tile by 6 cm. and, in any case, by a maximum of 10 cm.

The EN 14411 standard:
classification, characteristics and marking

Keradom constantly carries out all the tests required by the before mentioned standard on its products, using accredited laboratories and through strict control procedures on the production process, ensuring the highest quality standards, to protect the consumer.
The latter may request or download the reference data sheet on the page dedicated to individual collections, where you can find the requirements and criteria for marking ceramic tiles of first choice.