Floors, decorative walltiles or skirting boards are the main types of application with which Keradom products are identified,
along with the philosophy of our Company that offers the possibility of using our porcelain products #foreveryspace


The skirting board is one of the elements necessary for interior finishing for various reasons, not only of a functional nature, but also of real furniture.

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Decorative walltiles

Ideal for enriching and personalizing your own environments.
Before fixing a bathroom, the wall of living room or the kitchen backsplash, it is first necessary to choose the right wall covering materials.

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Outdoor cladding

The essential requirements of an outdoor tile are durability, high wear resistance, low water absorption, insensitivity to changes in temperature and frost (frost resistance), non-slip surface, resistance to chemical agents.

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Keradom porcelain stoneware transforms your room, patio or garden into a welcoming environment. Versatile solutions for every type of need and style, in perfect balance between practicality and design.

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