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Nuances that take up the cadence of tropical seas and their own coral reefs, creating unusual and evocative combinations of matter and light, which make your space delicate and welcoming.

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Out-of-the-ordinary cladding that draws inspiration from the plots of trees and forests, to the roots of natural style. Essential chromatic combinations and three-dimensional structures studied in detail, give dynamism, style and contemporary flavor to the walls of any environment, inside and outside.

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Inspired by a classic, refined material and timeless beauty like marble, is the collection that offers all the realism of marble stone carried on modern and three-dimensional forms.

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The latest three-dimensional cladding project that combines the rustic features of the stone with a sophisticated design and great realism, able to create walls with an extremely natural effect.

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The appeal of the brick is reinterpreted in a collection with a high aesthetic authenticity, which preserves the handcrafted details enriching them with fresh taste, modern colors and shaded surfaces.

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Clean and geometric cuts, marked three-dimensionality: the ROCK collection enhances contemporary environments bringing depth and elegance to your spaces. Would you say it is porcelain stoneware?

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Inspirations and installation tips

How to lay cladding size 16×40 tutorial

Video tutorial with the main tips on how to lay tiles in stoneware of 16×40 cm interlocking format.

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Small size cladding laying tutorial

Tutorial video with the main tips on how to lay tiles in stoneware format 7,5 38,5cm.

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Outdoor Homing

We present one of the main uses of our porcelain stoneware: the outdoor coating. Porcelain stoneware claddings are undoubtedly the most practical solution for those looking for a material that can guarantee excellent technical performance, long life and hygiene. Watch the video and let us inspire you.

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