The touch of tradition with eyes turned to building the future.
The KERADOM Group represents an innovative manufacturer reality, with an ambitious and avant-garde project, capable of combining creativity with exceptional quality characteristics.

Design &
Made in Italy

Our roots are our starting point, Italian craftsmanship our added value.

Each of the more than 300 Keradom items is entirely conceived and produced in our workshops and factories, located in the Sassuolo ceramic district, the cradle of world ceramic creativity. KERADOM products are now easily recognized and identified all over the world, for the distinct “Made in Italy” design.

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About us

The Keradom Group is today a leader in the production of porcelain small sizes tiles, entirely MADE IN ITALY.
The constant attitude for research and technological progress , product experimentation and development, and the attention to high standards on service, allow KERADOM of being a great partner able to respond to every need of contemporary architecture and design.

Environment and sustainability

Keradom products respect the environment and the people.

For Keradom, quality is not defined solely by the product, but also by attention to the production cycle, respect for the environment, the health and safety of workers.

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Keradom has obtained the certifications that guarantee the quality of the products and services provided. The constant search for quality is for Keradom synonymous with eco-sustainable development, we operate with the utmost professionalism without ever ignoring compliance with current regulations, community and territory.