About us

Keradom is a MADE IN ITALY Company that for over 10 years has proven itself as a leader in the production of pressed digital ceramic skirting boards, decorative small sizes coverings & floors, within the worldwide known Italian ceramic industry.

Our Mission

The touch of tradition with eyes turned to building the future. Keradom is committed every day to the creation of porcelain products in small avant-garde formats that can deviate from the traditional use of porcelain stoneware and adapt to infinite and less conventional uses. Building the future is also the constant commitment that we put into the search for innovative materials and production techniques that can minimize the environmental impact of Keradom industrial processes, while preserving the environment and the community of the future in a fully eco-sustainable perspective.

Our values

Quality and innovation

Pursue excellence by improving products, processes and skills, to promote business success. The recognition of the highest quality standards of our products is proof of a successful path and the incentive to always look forward, creating new ideas and products year after year capable of interpreting the demands of the market.

Leave Keradom imprint

Always remaining tied to the tradition of the Sassuolo Italian ceramic pole and the history of the “made in Italy design”, we are constantly looking for a way to diversify and maintain our identity by offering unique products and services that identify us and that customers can easily lead back to Keradom.

Corporate social responsibility

Promote corporate sustainability by activating measures and behaviors in support of the environment, community and territory.

Sense of belonging

Intended as a climate of mutual help and collaboration, sharing of ideas and objectives, transfer of information, of one’s knowledge and skills, search for harmony , partnership and integration between functions. We are committed to growing together through mutual training, being an example to colleagues, team spirit.


Attention to knowledge, skills and abilities. Keradom gives great importance to issues such as training and self-training, the development of people and their professionalism, involvement and motivation.


Transparency, integrity and intellectual honesty are the basis of our profession. We respect the highest ethical principles – and we have the ambition to be an example to the whole sector. The defense of our professional success passes through the ability to always adhere to the highest ethical standards and to make all our activities transparent.

Customer satisfaction

Our work is based on the strong belief that a satisfied customer is the most important evidence of excellent service. For this reason, we are committed, through our sales network, to guaranteeing the highest standards of satisfaction day after day by carefully choosing our partners, also ensuring the satisfaction of the end user.

Our team