Ceramic Skirting boards

A product of great aesthetic and practical value that is completely functional to the wall, indoor&outdoor.



The skirting board guarantees a perimeter border that allows you to cover the always imperfect connection between walls and floor, adding a design element thanks to the versatility of use and look of the ceramic.Discover the wide range of small-format tiles for skirting boards, a choice that is not only functional, but of real furniture.



The ceramic skirting board: between design and functionality

Functional, modern and versatile, Keradom skirting boards can be used for matching infinite types of tiles in small and large format, in all residential and commercial spaces, both indoors and outdoors.Our porcelain stoneware skirting boards blend perfectly with any type of floor: discover the stone, wood, terracotta, marble, fabric, metal, or concrete effect to customize the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or garden wall.The ink-jet technology also makes it possible to propose multiple colors, from dark gray to white skirting, with any desired graphic effect and finiture.


Choose the skirting board, preferably in ceramic

Keradom ceramic skirtings are not affected by the effects of water or humidity, they are resistant to stains and lasts a long time without ever losing its appearance.The skirtings are also extremely easy to clean, thanks to the curved upper edge. Thanks to ceramics, design can rhyme with practicality.

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