Gres cleaning

Porcelain stoneware is a very simple material to clean and maintain.
In fact, just a few measures to ensure the right protection and beauty of the tiles.

Cleaning after laying

The first step is the obligatory “after laying” cleaning at the end of the construction site. The inadequate or late removal of the residues of the grouting used for the joints can leave streaks difficult to remove and create on the floor or on the coating a cement film capable of absorbing any form of dirt.
It is essential to dissolve and completely eliminate these residues with the use of buffered acids diluted in water (always follow the instructions on the packaging of the products used), which will have to be completely removed later in a short time with plenty of rinsing of the entire floor.
It is recommended to repeat the washing and rinsing until the complete removal of any halo or residue.

Daily cleaning

The daily cleaning of Gres Keradom is simple and effective. We recommend the use of a cloth soaked with a neutral detergent, such as bleach or ammonia, suitably diluted in hot water. We recommend that you do not use wax or rinse aid or abrasive tools such as metal spangles and hard brushes.
Proper daily cleaning ensures the irreversibility of Gres Keradom over time.