Keradom Outdoor Project

Exploring the outdoor space of your home during the summer is an experience that connects us with nature and provides a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. To make this space even more enjoyable and fascinating, it is crucial to choose the right materials.

That’s why we would like to introduce you to the “Keradom Outdoor” range, a complete collection specifically designed for meticulously curated outdoor projects.

Keradom Outdoor Project offers a wide range of outdoor flooring and cladding, carefully designed to create trendsetting solutions distinguished by their exceptional quality.

The NATIVA collection presents multi-format (25×50, 25×25, 12.5×25) flooring with a unique variety of stone effects, including porphyry, slate, quartzite, and much more.

We have recently expanded the collection by introducing NATIVA 2.0, a 20mm-thick floor available in the 60×90 format, offering flexible options that perfectly adapt to any residential or commercial use.

NATIVA: 10 different types of stone in modular formats with a side of 25 cm.

NATIVA 2.0: 5 shades in the 60×90 format, 20 mm thickness.

The Keradom Outdoor range is not limited to just flooring; it also provides an extensive selection of coordinated three-dimensional claddings, which are the ideal complement for decorating pools, outdoor kitchens, showers, facades, and creating a unique aesthetic continuity. Each floor is specifically designed to harmoniously match the coordinated three-dimensional claddings, resulting in complete and sophisticated outdoor projects.

3D WALL TILES: More than 10 collections of matching 3D coverings.

What makes the Keradom Outdoor range so special is its completeness in terms of formats and finishes, allowing for customized and unique projects. Whether you desire to create a rustic atmosphere with
porphyry and “facciavista” claddings or opt for a more modern and contemporary design, Keradom Outdoor offers the ideal solution for every style and preference.

Porcelain stoneware proves to be the ideal material for outdoor spaces, thanks to its outstanding performance, ensuring resistance to weather conditions, chemical agents, and daily wear. Whether it’s a busy summer or a harsh winter, these tiles will maintain their beauty and functionality over time, without requiring special maintenance efforts.

Discover the Keradom Outdoor range

If you are thinking of transforming your outdoor space into a stylish and comfortable oasis, the Keradom Outdoor range is the perfect choice. With its wide selection of high-quality flooring and cladding, meticulous design, it offers you the opportunity to create a unique outdoor environment that reflects your style and personality. Make your outdoor space a place to love and fully enjoy during this summer and for many years to come.

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