A material that recovers all the values of authenticity, warmth and intimacy.


With the size 25×50, 25×25 to brick 6×25, Garfagnana knows how to interpret modern surfaces with incredible versatility and unusual combinations. A range of products that covers all types of surfaces, from domestic use to commercial spaces.


25×50 – 10”x20”
25×25 – 10”x10”
12,5×25 – 5”x10”
6×25 – 21/2”x10”


Available colours

25x50 - 10”x20” / 25x25 - 10”x10” / 12,5x25 - 5”x10” / 6x25 - 21/2”x10”

Vagli 25x25 cm
Sillano 25x25 cm
Castiglione 25x25 cm
Serchio 25x25 cm
Vagli 12,5x25 cm
Sillano 12,5x25 cm
Castiglione 12,5x25 cm
Serchio 12,5x25 cm
Vagli 6x25 cm
Sillano 6x25 cm
Castiglione 6x25 cm
Serchio 6x25 cm

Special pieces

L-shaped terminal

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