Esagone Cementi

Hexagonal tiles with cement effect to give style and recognizability to your environments.

There are trends that will never die: today hexagonal tiles are back to take you on a journey into the history of furniture. The modern technologies of the ceramic world combined with the historical hexagonal format 15×17.3 to create a synergy that gives elegance and a contemporary taste to your environments.
This collection entirely dedicated to the concrete effect is ideal for creating minimal rooms with a contemporary look. Available in 4 soft shades: Smoke, Antrax, Silver and Ice in addition to the versions decorated for a more particular environment. To create rooms of absolute refinement Keradom also recommends the alternating laying of hexagon monochrome and decorated.


Esagona 15×17,3 – 5,9”x6,8”

Mixed Decoration 900

Esagona 15x17,3 - 5,9”x6,8”


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