Stones, wood, cement an harmonious and refined material contrast

More and more often in our homes different materials are combined in the furniture, creating combinations able to fill and furnish the environment with style and personality.

The new furniture trends experiment and play with materials and their aesthetic qualities, sometimes mixing several different elements. Wood, cement and stone are used as elegant and solid structures, completed with avant-garde tops, made with elements that might seem unusual for the furniture but provide a more “material” charm. Stone, cement, wood are just some of the new protagonists of interior design: robust materials from the manufactury and construction industry, transformed in flexible, versatile, light and especially magnificent.

Stones, wood and cement

The combination of these experimental materials gives birth to FUSION, a sophisticated but sober collection, refined but linked to the simplicity of its elements.

The peculiarity of these materials make each wall unique, with uneven material surfaces, naturally imperfect and always different.

An emotion that goes beyond the mere use of tiles and that evokes our deep link with the raw and natural material, bringing them into a modern and design dimension, applicable to every space of the house.


Rich of structures and colors: nine, represents the classic synthesis of a project that enhances the charm of a stone. A natural and ancient style successfully reproduced in contemporary homes.

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