Exterior facade, the face of a house that does not give up aesthetics

At first sight, the outside.

The facade of a house is the first space that we are in front of, is the shell of our den and the element which determines not only the well-being of the building, but also the harmony with the context.

For this reason, choosing the most suitable solution for the facade cladding is a key choice.

On the one hand the sense of a profound change in the way that each of us has begun to reassess the space of one’s home during recent lockdown periods. On the other the arrival of incentives that give a boost to restructuring.

In Keradom we have always believed in the rethinking of our built heritage and in the possibility of renewing the spaces of the house, both for necessity and simply for the pleasure of transforming and making your home more comfortable.

Stone, brick, wood. These are just some of the different stylistic possibilities that you can choose to improve the aesthetic quality of your exteriors.

KERADOM products, for its certifications and specific characteristics, are more and more often applied on thermal insulation of external walls.

Technical characteristics such as mechanical strength, acoustic response, cleaning capacity and resistance to different atmospheric agents, the ease of installation and its certifications make effective and efficient KERADOM laid as an external cladding to ensure quality and durability over time.

The wide range of Keradom stoneware claddings consists in a variety of looks, shades and colors, and the availability of special pieces that allows you to have an answer to every project needs.

External insulation coating

In recent years and months the world of constructions has undergone continuous evolution marked by regulations and incentives, by a greater sensitivity to energy efficiency for homes, and the development of a culture of living in healthier environments.

More and more buildings have the need to insert an external coat system, to optimize thermal insulation, avoid waste of energy, and improve acoustic efficiency.



Why not doing all this without sacrificing appearence?

We started from the idea of aesthetically improving the outer coat system, increasing its performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Keradom cladding is the ideal complement to traditional coat systems, which you can apply ensuring an aesthetic apply ensuring a better aesthetics to the building, adaptable to any landscape context, without losing in energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

The advantages of an exterior facade in porcelain stoneware


With the KERADOM cladding you will not have problems with harmful emissions into the environment and human health.


Laying a KERADOM cladding on the external insulations a further outer layer is added to the building envelope, that can further break the sound wave and lead to a first major noise abatement.

Fire resistance

To clad the coat with KERADOM means obtaining a completely unburnable external surface. KERADOM protects the underlying insulating layers.

Thermal insulation and energy saving

In the summer season the facade cladding shields the sun’s rays and the excess heat is removed from the airflow that is generated in the ventilated cavity, while in the winter season the ventilated facade contributes to the control of thermal dispersion by acting as a filter between the external environment and masonry. The heat radiated by the sun is hindered by the KERADOM’s cladding. During the summer months it improves protection by lowering the periodic thermal transmittance value (Yie) of the wall. The passage of the thermal wave caused by the sun, from the outside to the inside, is shielded by increasing the hours of phase shift. The natural irregularity of the KERADOM cladding produces a microshading useful to reduce the risk of overheating the wall.


Keradom porcelain stoneware resists impact and bending.

Traditionals coat systems are protected by only armed shaving with a typical thickness of 3 mm. With the application of KERADOM’s cladding, you get a shell of highly compressive material, from 25 to 60 mm depending on the sample.

Resistance to atmospheric agents

Covering the coat with KERADOM’s stoneware means forgetting the atmospheric agents: UV rays (often cause of deterioration of the paints that are traditionally used as coats finishing) cycles of frost and thaw (often cause of caving and detachments of the facade finishes), hail (cause of damage to the walls).

Thanks to the water absorption values close to zero, there will be no need to be afraid of moisture and the tails wil not undergo dimensional changes during time.

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