The month of outdoors: new stone effect by MAC3 to be presented

With the arrival of spring and summer just around the corner, it is the ideal time to devote yourself to the care of outdoor spaces. During the summer we are used to live the garden or the terrace as spaces in which to spend time, perhaps surrounded by lush and lively nature, taking care now of our garden or our balcony will allow us to have a dream outdoor area once the warm season will settle.

By choosing the right type of floor and wall covering the outdoor space takes on a different identity, changing its structure, furnishings and colors.

The Month of Outdoors

KERADOM is ready in April to launch the dedicated campaign “the month of the OUTDOOR” to present our latest 2021 news . The new Keradom range, as a result of our designers’ research, will enrich the NATIVA container with new stone effects: Luserna, Porfidi and Argent stone will be added to the current Barge and Quartzite stones.

every week we will send out an in-depth study dedicated to a specific type of stone-effect porcelain stoneware which, in addition to following the aesthetic dictates of design Made in Italy , satisfy all the requirements for simple and fast maintenance, high resistance to atmospheric agentsl, durability and non-slip.

Verandas, courtyards, gardens and swimming pools can now be dressed in style with KERADOM’s new collections for the outdoors. Thanks to the careful research to obtain products that faithfully reproduce the naturalness of the stone both from an optical point of view and to the touch, the surfaces of the project “le Pietre Nativa” by Mac3 guarantee the fundamental technical characteristics for use for outdoor spaces, but at the same time the softness of the surface capable of satisfying the needs of indoor environments, such as bathrooms or spas.

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