Private house


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Rock by Walls&More


Private House – Marche, Italy


A unique covering: timeless elegance in the hills of Ascoli Piceno.

We find ourselves in the enchanting setting of the hills of Ascoli Piceno, where a private residence stands, embodying elegance and functionality. For this villa, with its captivating tropical style, the decision was made to clad the perimeter wall that delimits the property with the ROCK series by Walls&More in the color black, creating a blend of luxury and practicality.


Natural light enhances the pronounced three-dimensionality of the ROCK structure, giving rise to plays of light and shadow that amplify the elegance of the villa. The exterior wall becomes the protagonist thanks to a distinctive stone-effect texture.



In addition to its undeniable beauty, the Keradom cladding offers a practical solution. Thanks to its resistance, it eliminates problems of humidity and encrustation, bypassing the climatic challenges that any plaster could succumb to. This project not only transforms the appearance of the villa but also introduces a lasting and functional element, elevating the aesthetics and quality of the residence.

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