KERADOM, shows its face!

Within the Keradom group, our people are the real engine.

The sense of belonging is one of the pillars of our business ethics. And who, better than the members of our team, can tell the story of the company?

We firmly believe in the power of sharing as a basis for content creation and corporate culture – each of us represents the face and voice of the company, of our brands, our projects, thus facilitating the direct transmission of our strengths in the relationship with our customers, past, present and future ones.

With this conviction, in the recent restyling of our site, we wanted to give space to Keradom Group’s identity and enhance those who daily puts their passion at the service of our company and our customers, and the pleasure of “approaching” – in these months of forced physical distance – “giving a face” to our team.

About us

On the “About us” page you can find other curiosities such as the main events that marked our growth path during the first 10 years of activity, our CORPORATE MISSION and VALUES that we cultivate since day one while conducting of our Business.

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