Furniture and design trends 2021: Keradom keeps up with the pace

Watchwords for 2021? Happiness and certainties.

And in what environment are they expected to find their maximum realization? Home.

It is precisely for this reason that we at KERADOM are here to give you our opinion on how to achieve this goals.

While spending a lot of time inside our homes due to the lockdown, we realized more than ever how necessary it is to have a practical and welcoming environment  without however sacrificing elegance. The 2021 design trends meet these needs by proposing a contemporary style, as the backbone we find simplicity: with structural elements designed or colored that create sophisticated, simple and compact environments.

As Pantone recently revieled, the hottest shades will be cheerful colors such as yellow and green, often combined with the solidity of gray and warm colors, ambitious combinations that light up hope. The first suggestions launched by the great players in the world of design suggest the need to eliminate everything that denies harmony to environments by interrupting the lines. We find clean and lightened walls and floors, which give our interiors the feeling of a larger space, at a time when space is a priority.

Among the main materials of this year we find once again porcelain stoneware, which will allow you to range from wood effect to marble to stone for your wall tiles, without having to give up the quality of the surface. The high quality of Keradom porcelain stoneware already has many products in its range that fully fit the dictates of the 2021 design world:

ELEGANCE and CEMENTI ( pictured ) are just some of our collections that follow the 2021 concept but even more the new projects we are carrying out are moving in this direction and will soon be presented on our channels.

Stay tuned, stay with Keradom.