Do It Yourself is easier with Keradom

The recent coexistence with the pandemic days has certainly had a strong impact on people’s lives and their habits. The lockdown period forced us to give up much of our customs: staying away from friends and family, working remotely, with one constant, everyone has been forced to spend more time in our homes. The relationship between Italians and their home today has a different meaning than before the lockdown, and with it there are many trends emerged in the idea of living during covid.times.

You have surely heard of relatives who have decided to spend their free time engaging in chores at home, well the do-it-yourself has emerged as a trend in sharp rise since the beginning of the pandemic. It is now a fact that today Italians have taken greater care and awareness of the place where they live and are therefore more inclined to invest on their own house.

If you as well have been affected by the desire to renovate your home and are thinking that your old bathroom rather than the porch or a wall of your living room would need a breath of fresh air, Keradom is what you need. Easy, fast, economical and safe: the small size and the interlocking format, reduce the cost of laying and make DIY much easier.

Eco-friendly, durable, restorable, easy to install and cheap, our products are of course suitable for renovation, but also for totally new surfaces and environments that require solutions in line with a modern and technically advanced design.Thanks to the ease of use of  Keradom products and the application guidelines printed on the boxes of our most decorative products, the customization of space and environments is easy and assured.

What are you waiting for?

  • Renovate the walls of your old bathroom
  • Protect your exterior facade
  • Create a design wall
  • Change face to your porch

Follow our video tutorial for an impeccable laying and read carefully the instructions on the boxes for a guaranteed result.

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