Discover Nativa: the new Mac 3 collection inspired by ancient quartzites stones

The collection Nativa by Mac3 was born with desire to combine the sophisticated chromatic and depth effects of quartz stones, within a cladding project with a high natural and decorative outcome.

Quartzite stones are therefore the key interpreters of Nativa: from the most precious barge to the most lively interpretations of the color mix up to the purest colors of black and white.

The collection is complete with different solutions in terms of formats and applications, thus offering great versatility and multiplicity of use.

From the more traditional multi-formats (12.5×25-25×25-25×50 cm), easily combinable to create elegant indoor and outdoor floors (5 colors: black, gold, mix, silver and white).

With the innovative 16×40 interlocking format, ideal as a cladding for suggestive walls with unique and refined movements. Its 3 different shades (medium, light, dark) find the ideal combination with Nativa collection’s floors . By mixing it with different types of floors you can easily recreate different style of furniture for indoor & outdoor: from the most rustic to the most modern and from commercial to residential spaces, always ensuring character and naturalness to your environment.


The production in porcelain stoneware guarantees resistance, durability and ease of cleaning making Nativa a perfect compromise that combines the technical characteristics of stoneware with the elegance of quartzite stones.
Enrich and decorate walls and floors of your living with Nativa and do not worry about cleaning and wear anymore.

Discover Nativa collection