Discover MYSTICA by MAC3: the first colourable skirting board

Are you going to choose the new floors for your home? You already have them but you want to change the look or style to your environments with few interventions? It’s time to choose the skirting.

MAC3, the leading Italian brand fot the production of porcelain stoneware skirting, presents MYSTICA Paint your skirting, the project that allows the user to make a choice in their furniture, adapting to his needs. MYSTICA offers the possibility of having a skirting board perfectly colorable with any clinging paint. It is the user who chooses whether to highlight it by turning it in elegant furnishing material, or whether to color it with the shades of the wall to hide it while preserving its usefulness. In both cases the concept behind the project is customization, the ability of MYSTICA is to change according to the needs, thus offering a design solution affordable for everyone, easy and durable.

The harmony of the whole is given by small but well coordinated choices in which the skirting plays a key role.

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