Cocktail bar



F.lli Passarini


OCEANI Pink Glossy 


Cocktail Bar, Saline Joniche – Reggio Calabria


If pink is your thing, this is the place for you.

The F.lli Passarini studio project for “Purple Gin & Altri Rimedi” cocktail bar in Saline Joniche, a wonderful coastal village near Reggio Calabria, offers a surprising place with an eccentric and tremendously glamorous style, aimed at creating a unique and iconic atmosphere.

A pop style predominates in the warm-toned environment, mainly pink. King of the scene is the counter, quite the opposite of the classic marble seen and revised. The choice to use our Oceani collection in the Pink Glossy shade provides an eccentric and tremendously glamorous result with the Mac3 tiles. The venue is the emblem coatings’ Importance, this is a perfect and of how they can characterize the environments.

The Designers have staked everything on a retro style but of great impact. From the 70s armchairs, to the wallpaper, passing through the gilded tables, and the various design objects carefully chosen to leave nothing to chance.