KERADOM manufactures its products 100% in Italy  and in its HQs in Rubiera (RE) and Gombola di Polinago (MO) conceives and creates a wide range of high level products, able to satisfy the on going technical and stylistic market requirements.

Since the beginning, Keradom has made significant investments in research and digital technology development, achieving remarkable results which have led to rank the company amongst the leaders in the use of modern technology applied to ceramic processing of small formats.

Keradom is now able to make porcelain stoneware skirting boards and traditional tiles, always in line with the changes and demands of the market, without limitation in creativity. Thanks to its outstanding quality features and the choice of first-class raw materials, Keradom porcelain stoneware is the future of ceramics.


Born in March 2010, KERADOM is a leading company specialized in the modern digital technology applied to the ceramic production, in both the skirting and tiles making process.

Right at the heart of the world’s leading ceramic district, Keradom represents a new and innovative addition to the Italian ceramic scene, able to combine creativity and cutting-edge design with excellent quality.

Supported by an ownership and management team that grew up within the ceramic business world, the company immediately rose up on the traditional distribution market due to its dynamic development strategies and to its attention towards changes in markets.

As of today, the company has reached a considerable production capacity, exclusive formats and a sales network that spans the entire Italian territory and several countries around the world.