100% Italian Design

A quality traditionally attributed to Italy is its cutting-edge style and design. This great professional heritage is renewed and encouraged daily in the various sectors of business, from fashion to art, through skilled, specialized efforts aimed to combine good taste and beauty with quality.

Italian style has also reached the heights in the ceramic sector, where Italy has always topped the creativity and quality rankings.

It is in this context that Keradom Srl represents the greatest new addition to the Italian ceramics scene.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”

George Moore




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Digital Technology

The application of advanced digital technology both to skirting and traditional tiles makes it possible to create exclusive products with original technical and aesthetic characteristics, and therefore to meet any kind of requests, from the simplest to the most extrava- gant, in real time. There are no limits to creativity: everything from stone to marble, from metal to wood can be ideally represented on a ceramic support.

Keradom factories use modern, cutting-edge digital technology. With inkjet digital technology, it is possible to obtain an endless variety of colours and graphics, and thus to considerably increase productivity and cut production times.

This technology makes it possible to reproduce any surface texture on any material, creating an endless range of variants. In the case of skirting, this technique is even more innovative, in that it al- lows for the product graphics to be extended up to the top of the rounded edge.