The charm of the ancient majolica bricks proposed in a modern way.
A typical product of the Italian artisan tradition which is now back in vogue, refreshed by new industrial technologies that enhance the material.

With Memory, Self style offers a unique product in the 6×25 size, dense enamel bricks, highly polished and with small imperfections typical of hand-made.
Strong chromatic variations, and deep graphics create plays of light that identify a product of unforgettable beauty capable of “painting the walls” and vibrating the spaces it furnishes. The carefully designed color palette offers 6 vivid, natural-inspired and incredibly contemporary shades.


20,5×20,5 cm – 8”x8”
6×25 cm – 2,5”x10”


Verfügbare Farben

6x25 cm - 2”x10”

White Glossy
Pearl Grey Glossy
Sand Brown Glossy
Moos Green Glossy
Cobalt Blue Glossy
Black Glossy


20,5x20,5 cm - 8”x8”

Decor 1
Decor 2
Decor 3
Decor 4
Decor 5

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